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Submission details:

The exhibitor fee covers a link on our website and shoutout on our Facebook page, approximately 6x8 ft space (more space available at an increased fee) for the duration of the fair, one chair, and wall space (if needed).  Vendors must supply their own tables and display items. Spots with electrical outlets, larger spots, and more wall space, are available upon a first requested basis. 


Please include the following in an e-mail with the subject line "Fair Submission" to padlockstudios@hotmail.com.  

1)  Business name, contact name, contact information (e-mail address, phone number, mailing address, website, business instagram, and Facebook page. 

2) Please list ALL products (and/or category of products), that you plan to sell at Avocado & Toast Make it Fair.  You will not be permitted to sell anything that is not listed here, or received written approval of before the fair.

3) Product photos: Please upload photos that are representative of the items you will be selling, and an image or sketch of what your planned display setup will look like. 

4) Please include a list of desires and/ or needs for a specific space, an example of this could be a power outlet, certain amount of wall space, corner spot, larger then 6x6 space, separate room, etc

The vendor fee will be required to be paid via credit card or e-transfer upon approval of your submission by Padlock Studios.  You will receive a response within a week of your submission.  The fee for an approximate 6x8 ft space is $50 if submission is received before August 27, and $65 until Sept 7, 2017... additional space and shared space is subject to added fees upon request.   

By submitting your application you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

*You will not sublease or share your booth, unless included in the submission information

*You will comply with all local zoning, bylaws, and health and safety rules. 

*You will only sell the products outlined in this application unless prior written approval is obtained

*You will only sell products that have been designed and made by you, your partner, or company (or the majority of the products have been handmade)

*You (or your representative) are required to set up your exhibit the day before the show opens, to be present in your booth the entire duration of the show, and to not begin closing our booth until the show is closed.

*You will be respectful to fellow vendors.

*You will have fun and promote your participation at the fair as much as possible!!!! 

*Photos submitted on this application may be used by Padlock Studios for promotional purposes without any further permissions or accreditations.

*Padlock Studios makes no representations or warranties about your sales or success at the show and is not responsible for any losses you may incur if the show is cancelled or shortened for reasons outside the reasonable control of Padlock Studios.

*You will comply with all requests and directives from Padlock Studios personnel during the show to ensure that other exhibitors and customers, at the sole discretion of Padlock Studios, have a safe, enjoyable, and positive experience.

*You are solely responsible for obtaining all permits, licenses, facilities, insurance, and approvals reasonably required to sell your products at the show. Padlock Studios will not be responsible for any costs, damages, theft or economic loss resulting from your failure to comply with this term. If any government agency, court, person or commercial body orders sale of your products cease, you will immediately comply with this order.

*You will indemnify Padlock Studios for any loss, fine, penalty, judgement, legal fees, and expenses reasonably connected with your failure to comply with the terms of this agreement or any liability, negligence, gross negligence or injury resulting from your products, actions, conduct, booth setup, display or trade activities.

*Padlock Studios may amend or update these terms from time to time and you agree to be bound by such future amendments or updates.

*If you fail to comply with the terms of this agreement contained herein and as amended or updated from time to time, whether before or during the show, Padlock Studios may cancel your application or remove you and prohibit your attendance at the show.