Our hours vary depending on whether we have an exhibition on or not, and who is working in the space.

Check our Blog Page or Facebook for 'open hours' updates, and we are available by appointment anytime.

For more information please e-mail, fb message, text, or call:

Robin Hodgson - artist & curator


Miranda Dean - administration & promotions



1st Floor-175 2nd Avenue, Kamloops, BC

For gallery show/exhibitions or residency submissions please e-mail with the subject line "Padlock Studios Submission" and include the following in your submissions:

                                                  -artist bio and artist statement

                                                  -5-10 good quality images of your work

                                                  -past notable experience, education, exhibits, residencies, or acclamations

                                         .....& anything else you think that we should know about you when considering you for an exhibit or residency! :) 

Please check our Blog or Facebook page for any relevant 'call for artist submissions' or updates!